Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scrap-a-long Scrapbook

I mentioned in an earlier post that Stacey Trock (FreshStitches) is hosting a Scrap-a-long. Scrap projects are not really something I lean towards, but in the spirit of really wanting to participate, I grabbed my scraps and got ready!

So far, I've finished 2/3 projects I intend to make and I've realized a beautiful fact. These scrap pieces are not just some random pieces of yarn; they are remnants of previous projects.

It's pretty common for projects I make to leave my possession. They're often gifted, donated, sold, etc. etc. Thus, all I usually have to remember them are the pictures on my Ravelry project page. 

However, making these scrap projects was like looking through a scrapbook! I remembered using this yarn to make a scarf, or that yarn to make a teddy bear. It was so much fun seeing it all put together! Now, these stuffed animals will be carried with me as reminders of those projects. 

I added words onto the pictures of my finished projects to show where those pieces of yarn came from-- and these are only the ones I remembered off the top of my head!

I can say with confidence that scrap projects are going to be an annual thing for me, or however often as needed to maintain a decent "scrap pile". I love these projects, and I love how fun they look!

Thank you, Stacey, for hosting such a fun idea for a crochet-along. 

And if anyone wants a scrapbook idea for their crochet projects-- make a stuffed animal with them! Trust me, it's a lot more fun than attempting to glue yarn to paper :) 


  1. These projects turned out lovely! I enjoyed reading all the bits of where the yarn came from. I think Stacey has started a new trend now.

  2. I had the same idea when working on my scrap-along project! It's nice to be reminded of previous projects, even what I was doing or where I was when working on them.

    I like your projects too, they look great :-)