Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Legos, Legos everywhere!

It's Work-in-Progress Wednesday, and you want to know what I'm working on?

Team projects.

I'm working on team projects. 

See that picture? Those are Legos. I spent three hours last night looking for one specific piece I needed to complete the piles for the team project.

The phrase should really be changed from "finding a needle in a haystack" to "finding that one specific Lego in an 18-gallon tub"! 

And this picture was taken AFTER I had done a lot of sorting, so that isn't even all the Legos. 

Still haven't found that piece yet. That's what makes it a WIP, right?

I also have a few crochet projects going on. Last night at Joann's, I found a skein of one of Red Heart's newest Super Saver colourways: Blacklight. I had to pick it up, and it's going to become a giant monster! 

However, there's also a new bag I'm working on. It needs to be lined with fabric and have handles attached. 

It should be a cute summer bag, though, once completed! 

What are you working on this week? 

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  1. Oh, boy... good luck with your search. I don't envy you. The shape of your bag is really cute. I'm eager to see what sort of handles you add to it. to finish it.

  2. wow good luck with the search, I hate searching for legos!!! I love your bag - it's gorgeous!! I'm excited to see it finished xx

  3. I love this! Are you using a pattern? If so, where can I find it? Do you have a shop?

    1. Hello! The pattern for the bag is "Granny Ripple Tote Bag" by Carlinda Lewis. :)