Sunday, February 17, 2013


Part of having a blog is letting people get to know you, right? Even if it's just one side of you (such as crafts or fitness or any-other-blog-theme).

So do you want to know something about me, that relates to my crocheting? 

According to an unofficial test I took in a business course: I'm an Idealist. Out of the four temperaments, I am most definitely an idealist (the other ones being Guardian, Artisian, and Rational). 

I thought about the characteristics of these temperaments and how they apply to my crafting/crocheting. Here are some examples I came up with: 

1. Idealists look for meaning in absolutely everything. If I make a gift for someone, everything about it has some sort of subtle (and probably ridiculously out-there) meaning. For example, the colour will most definitely be significant, as well as the facial expression of an amigurumi. Below is an example. I made this cow for my aunt: Cows are her favourite animal, purple is her favourite colour, and the sideways smile is to increase the expression. Meaning = seeped through this entire project and on purpose! Sometimes, it's not as subtle. Such as when I used red-shimmery yarn in a Unicorn project because my grandmother wears shimmery red nail polish.

2. Idealists may not have realistic time estimates/requirements. This is especially true! I've taken a major project (which will be elaborated on throughout the year) that requires about 75 big amigurumi by December. December seems so far away, but I better get started on it now. I have 3 done for the event, which leaves about 40 weeks to make 72 more. 

3. Idealists tend to be optimistic and encouraging. I'm not sure what this says about my crafting style, but the thought makes me smile-- I use bright colours. Maybe that makes me optimistic in crafts! 

Our personality and temperament plays a big role in our crafting style; sometimes they determine how many projects we take on at one time, whether we stash supplies or only buy as we go, and what we make in general. I'm sure there are tests online to determine your own temperament, if interested! :) 

Also, the Triceratops Lovey is now ready to download on Ravelry. Check it out!

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  1. I might be an idealist, maybe. #1 is definitely me anyway!