Friday, November 9, 2012

Tough Tuesday

Lets go back a bit-- this week has been pretty hectic. 

I'll start with Tough Tuesday-- November 6. The entire day was hectic (I knew it would be), but the reason for the craziness differed from the time of day. 

The day started with voting! Like, "there-when-the-polls-open" started with voting.  

As many of you know, I'm still in University. Which means I still deal with the stress that comes from exams. My first class (Operation and Supply Chain Management) had a huge exam-- and to put it simply, I did not do great on the first one. Thus, test anxiety was in full swing. It didn't help that there was a quiz in the second class too. But I got through them. 

Next on the to-do list, after the tests, was pick up my entries from the state fair. The place was pretty cleaned out by the time I got there around 1:00 p.m. Made it easy enough to scoop up my items and learn about next year's fair. 

Turns out one reason for the chaos was that there were a lot more entries this year than they expected-- for example, to take your items home, you have to sign them out and prove that you're the owner (blahblahblah). The lady in line in front of me had more than 50 entries! And, remember, you can only enter one item per category. So the fair organizers are making a new rule: in order to enter something into the state fair, the entry must win a ribbon in the county fair. Not too big of a deal, but it means that I now have until March to make the new entries, as the county fair is in April; instead of having until September. 

Voting: Check! Tests: Check! Pick up animals: Check

And finally, as I'm sure the whole world knows, November 6 was Election Day. I couldn't listen to the counts-- I kept my television on CNN, muted. Listening to an audiobook + crocheting made it a whole lot better. I felt nauseous the entire night. 

Now, I know there is a lot of sensitivity still about the election, so my response tonight will simply be this:
I breathed a sigh of relief at the end of the night. 

Tomorrow will be a post about the good that came from this week-- including an introduction to a new member of the family! 

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