Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Solid Granny Square Tutorial

Granny squares are one of my most favourite things to crochet! They look great with a variety of colours, but they're also great solid-coloured... and all it takes is a little tip to not have to start-and-finish the yarn (what feels like) a zillion times in order to get a solid square. 

This is based off of FreshStitches' Granny Square pattern. The yellow yarn did not like the posterboard I usually use for backgrounds, so it's on a blue blanket/fabric that I have. :)

First: Chain 6

Slip stitch into first chain to form a ring. Chain 3. 

All in ring: dc 2, ch 3, *[dc 3, ch 3], repeat from * two more times
(Check the picture below to see if you have it!)
Now, to join: Slip stitch into top of chain 3 chain, next two dc, and ch 3 space. (Four slip stitches total)

Joining stitch

Slip Stitching across
Now that we are in the new corner, chain 3 to start a new round:

For all the following rounds (Round 2 - 6, in this example): 
chain 3 between each corner cluster,
chain 1 between each side cluster
each cluster = 3 double crochet

Keep following these tips around and around, until you have all the rounds you need!

Now you're a pro at making solid-coloured granny squares!

Happy Crocheting! 

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