Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Can you believe it's Wednesday?! Better question: Can you believe it's August??

Well, as it's Wednesday, lets show the WIPs going on in my little corner. 

 (Much better photos in this post!)

First, lets take a look at the snail-to-be! 

The tan-ish colour is absolutely pretty horrid. It has a pink undertone that makes my stomach turn. However, I'm hoping that by pairing it with a maroon shell, the tan will stand out more than the pink undertone! 

All that's left is the main body and stitching it all together. Hoping to have this to show for Friday's FO blog post!
 Remember my garden? I talked about it in this post. The picture to the right shows how the Marigolds have grown! The ones closest to the camera is the patch that's under the wanna-be screen in the original garden post. 

The picture below is of the growing Wildflowers. I lost quite a few accidentally when I mistook weeds for flowers. The weeds killed some flowers, but those patches are growing back after pulling the weeds! 



  1. The colour combo looks fine to me. I think it'll be fine when you put it together.

  2. Welcome to W.I.P.Wednesday.

    I'm sure your snail is going to look great when finished :)

  3. Oh, so envious of your snail-to-be---I knew what it was straightaway, I know that shell shape!! Someday I want to make one, I love Stacey's patterns but rarely have the time for big amis...

  4. I'm sure the snail will look really cute when it is put together.

  5. Love to see the result of the snail :)

  6. The snail looks great! I love Stacey's patterns!